This course is designed for human resources, diversity and inclusion and other senior leaders who want to understand how to implement an impactful programme of work designed to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace

Learn from the expert

Dr Nina Burrowes

The Consent Collective founder Dr Nina Burrowes is a psychologist and nationally recognised expert on the psychology of sexual harassment, sexual violence and domestic abuse. A regular educator of police officers, prosecutors, barristers, judges, therapists, healthcare and education professionals, Dr Burrowes is the author of two books on sexual abuse and the presenter of the BBC’s ‘Rape on trail. Is the jury out?’. Nina has spoken about sexual harassment at conferences, in parliaments, at music festivals, on TV and on the radio. She brings her depth of understanding to a broad range of contexts, ensuring that your learning is based on a solid foundation.

The Consent Collective is a social enterprise with a deep passion for activism and a commitment to social change at its heart. We help organisations and communities understand consent, trauma, relationships and sexual harassment. We work in multiple sectors bringing our depth of knowledge to a wide range of contexts. We use our expertise and resources to empower teams to deliver meaningful and impactful work in service of their clients, students or colleagues.

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