How to use this course

How to use this course

This course is here to guide you in the process of developing or improving, your own consent workshop to be delivered with students aged 16 to 18. We have the expertise to share with you and will be giving you plenty of guidance and suggestions throughout this course.

The knowledge we share in this course will slowly build up, culminating in a fully worked-out session plan in Chapter 5. This session plan is provided as a useful example of all of the concepts we discuss throughout the course. If any of the material doesn't quite sink in as you work through the earlier chapters of this course, our advice is to keep working through the material and revisit any areas that you didn't complete the first time around.

If you work through this course and the accompanying workbook you'll have more ideas than you need to develop an interesting, impactful, and trauma-informed experience for your students. All guided by our experience of working in this field.

If you are working through this course using a screen reader we have provided alternative text for all of the relevant images. Where the images contain a considerable amount of text we have included an audio recording of all of the content contained in the images and graphics we use in this course.

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